Fleet gps monitoring

Tracking & Telematics

Boosting productivity, reducing operational costs are just some of the benefits that come from our vehicle tracking and telematics technology.

Locate, track, and manage your entire fleet in real time.

Tracking and telematics is absolutely essential for modern fleets. Fleetclear offer professional tracking and telemetry for all vehicle types. Providing best in class accuracy to within 3m, roaming data networks to ensure coverage across the continent, high resolution ping rate, providing accurate and realtime data. The potential savings from monitoring driver behaviour and encouraging more fuel-efficient driving have been said to be more effective than switching to vehicles with lower fuel consumption.

  • State of the art hardware
  • LED warnings for driver behavior
  • Audible alert
  • Additional alarm input
  • Weighing integration
  • Anti-tamper display and hidden warning speaker
  • Third party API and back office integration
  • Bodybuilder partnership and installation database
  • Telematics data stored for 10years +
  • ISO27001 accredited cloud hosting
  • GDPR compliant (ICO registered)
  • Secure web application
  • Secure TLS 1.2 data encryption
  • Uptime institute tier 23 data centres
  • Data encryption
  • In house designed and developed software platofrm
  • Maximises fuel efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Encourages safer driving style
  • Reduces maintenance cost
  • Anti-tamper and unplug detection
  • Driving style efficiency score and behavior alerts
  • Operational alerts (IDClear, Cyclear, Radar)
  • Fully configurable admin control provides fleetwide, division or individual vehicle reporting
  • E-marked Type Approved
  • Non-invasive CAN connections

Connected technology

Your entire fleet can be tracked and monitored in real-time via our web-based, safety technology platform: Fleetclear Connect. Fleet Managers can now pro-actively monitor the deployment of safety technology in their fleet, through our intuitive web-based interface, which seamlessly connects and synchronises all of our technologies together, including video and telematics: the ultimate tool for manging fleet safety technology.

Start your journey towards a safer, more efficient and compliant fleet