Fleet management software

Fleetclear Connect

Fleetclear Connect is the very latest in fleet technology, consolidating tracking, telematics, driver behaviour, compliance monitoring and operational safety technology, with a live video solution, into one, easy-to-use, web based platform.

Connecting your fleet

Fleetclear Connect is the true ‘end to end solution’ that fleet operators have been wating for; finally ‘connecting’ all vehicle safety technology in one place, combining hardware with advanced data analysis and processing techniques, and with a comprehensive suite of compliance and reporting tools.

This interactive software solution includes: Industry leading asset tracking functionality; Real-time vehicle chassis and body telematics data, including fuel, carbon and electric vehicle analysis; Operational safety technology deployment; Event reconstruction, with web sharing with integrated compliance tools; and state-of-the art live video integration, with cloud storage, real time trim and share, and video caching service. Fleetclear Connect is suitable for all vehicle types, can be integrated modularly, and can be tailored to suit the exact needs of your fleet.

  • Customisable widget dashboard
  • FNOL (first notification of loss)
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Real time traffic overlay
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Route optimisation
  • Driver identification
  • Road related speeding alerts
  • Fuel optimisation
  • Remote tachograph download
  • Web based tracking platform
  • Real time tracking, telematics and video
  • Map and asset display
  • Event reporting
  • Automatic health status reports
  • Multi-asset activity side bar
  • Operational alerts
  • RXLite & RXUltralite integration
  • UK in-house development team
  • Fleetclear Instilation and service quality assurance
  • Nearest vehicle and postcode search
  • Route planning with live traffic
  • Easy reporting and admin control
  • PO connection guarantee
  • Advanced GPS accuracy
  • Anti tamper hardware

Connected technology

Reverse Radar activations can be recorded and monitored in real-time via our web-based, safety technology platform: Fleetclear Connect. Fleet Managers can now pro-actively monitor the deployment of safety technology in their fleet, through our intuitive web-based interface, which seamlessly connects and synchronises all of our technologies together, including video and telematics: the ultimate tool for manging fleet safety technology.

Start your journey towards a safer, more efficient and compliant fleet