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Designed and built in-house, this three stage sign and speaker system protects cyclists, vulnerable road users and drivers.

Prevention, warning & detection.

Cyclear, Fleetclear’s first patented innovation, includes an LED warning sign with audible warning speaker to alert approaching cyclists, and a unique sensor detection system which warns the driver as the cyclist approaches the danger zone.

The system has been designed, manufactured and tested in the UK. Our intelligent sequential sensor control module filters positive cyclist detections from regular street furniture, significantly reducing false alarms. Combined with other Fleetclear products, you can monitor activations to produce heat maps of dangerous areas for cyclists, helping fleet operators optimise their route and further reduce the risk of an accident.

Key risks and problems

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HGV’s are involved in over 70% of cycling fatalities on UK roads

of fatal or serious cycling accidents occur in urban areas


were injured in reported road accidents in 2016*

A positive fleet solution


Recorded cyclist incidents reported on vehicles fitted with Cyclear systems

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Cyclear systems sold in the UK

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of assets protected by  Cyclear systems

*Source: ROSPA, DFT 

  • Sequential sensor detection control module
  • Integrated GPS and ambient light sensor
  • Easily identifiable LED warning sign, visible for 30m+
  • Two-part system: ‘Prevent’ and ‘Detect’
  • Cyclist danger area mapping**
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Filters out street furniture and parked cars
  • Adapts for low light conditions and motorway usage
  • Maximising accident prevention in a globally recognisable format
  • Preventative and active systems can be installed independently
  • Provides vital information for safer vehicle routing
  • Supporting UK industry
  • Sequential sensor detection control module
  • Integrated GPS
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Easily identifiable LED warning sign, visible for 30m+
  • UK designed and manufactured

  • The vehicle indicates – An illuminated flashing LED cycle sign mounted to the rear of the vehicle becomes visible up to 30m
  • Cyclist approaches the vehicle – An externally mounted speaker provides a secondary warning of danger
  • Cyclist enters the danger zone – Intelligent sensors filter street furniture and send instantaneous alerts to the driver

Connected technology

Cyclear activations can be recorded and monitored in real-time via our web-based, safety technology platform: Fleetclear Connect. Fleet Managers can now pro-actively monitor the deployment of safety technology in their fleet, through our intuitive web-based interface, which seamlessly connects and synchronises all of our technologies together, including video and telematics: the ultimate tool for manging fleet safety technology.

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