Reverse Radar

Our radar solutions are the safest on the market – detecting static objects and eliminating the need to reverse at an object or person before sounding the alarm.

Protecting staff, assets and members of the public.

One of the biggest challenges for Fleet Managers is to protect vehicle operators and other road users from the difficult and dangerous manoeuvre of reversing. Fleetclear’s Reverse Radar technology is the industry’s most flexible, accurate and powerful, active blind spot monitoring solution, capable of detecting up to 16 stationary and moving targets simultaneously, and is deployed in over 80,000 vehicles, over 37 countries.

Automatic braking – When objects are detected within a critical distance, we can automatically request the application of vehicle brakes as a final lifeline to help assist the driver and protect against accidents. This additional feature is available for most heavy commercial vehicles but is not part of the standard offering, we can help you assess if this is suitable for your fleet operation.

Key risks and problems


of commercial vehicle accidents involve reversing


deaths per year caused by reversing vehicles

0 %+

38% increase in collisions on vehicles without automatic braking systems

A positive fleet solution

Up to 0

High resolution radar detects up to 16 people or objects simultaneously

£ 0 m+

Over £100m of assets protected by Fleetclear reversing systems


Zero death or injuries recorded by operators protected by Fleetclear Reverse Radar technology

  • 24GHz FMCW radar with powerful beam edge definition
  • Wide horizontal field of view up to +/-75° (150°)
  • Automatic blockage detection
  • High-impact enclosure with IP69k ingress protection
  • Auto-stop and monitoring options available
  • Fully programmable detection pattern
  • Precisely configure and detect objects only in the vehicles path
  • Adaptable for tight streets or large open detection zones
  • Alerts the driver of sensor obstructions before starting the reverse manoeuvre
  • Developed to withstand the harshness of the quarry and mining sector
  • Additional measures for critical detection and correct operation reporting
  • Minimises false alarms and meets individual driver/vehicle specification
  • Static object detection
  • 5 programmable detection zones
  • Automatic blockage detection
  • Global compliance (ETSI EN300 440-1 ERM, RSS-210 Radio Standards)
  • IP69K, Vibration tested (25G) & Shock tested (50G)
  • 24GHz FMCW superior beam edge definition

  • Driver checks for safe operation as part of daily check
  • Driver checks for obstacles in reverse path
  • Reverse engaged
  • Objects enter zone one in the target area – audible and visuals warnings start
  • Objects get closer – audible and visual warning frequency increases
  • Objects at critical distance – Audible and visual warning at maximum frequency – Auto-brake (if installed) triggers and monitoring event created

Connected technology

Reverse Radar activations can be recorded and monitored in real-time via our web-based, safety technology platform: Fleetclear Connect. Fleet Managers can now pro-actively monitor the deployment of safety technology in their fleet, through our intuitive web-based interface, which seamlessly connects and synchronises all of our technologies together, including video and telematics: the ultimate tool for manging fleet safety technology.

Start your journey towards a safer, more efficient and compliant fleet