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Anti-Roll & Driver ID

Safeguard your companies assets with authorised vehicle operation and protection from roll-aways

Innovative safety and security.

Fleetclear provide industry leading anti-roll away and Driver ID solutions for commercial vehicles. Our specially designed vehicle safety controller, which has the ability to automatically lock the park as the driver exits the cab, offers instant protection against roll aways, and immobilises the vehicle until an authorised driver has been identified using either RFID, keypad or a covert actuator.

Our robust safety control unit uses unique and innovative safety features and monitoring systems to protect against external influences, internal component failure and sabotage, includes customisable audible warning messages for the driver and a secondary external speaker alert the vehicle operators and public. The on-board data recorder logs over 50 different event types including critical CANBUS data from the vehicle for up to three years and real-time monitoring of deployment can be managed through the Fleetclear Connect platform.

Key risks and problems


fatalities recorded as ‘struck by moving vehicle’ in 2020-21


members of the public killed in work related accidents in 2020-21

0 x

The waste sector has 16x the average
fatality rate across all industries

A positive fleet solution


reported incidents reported on vehicles fitted with Fleetclear anti-roll and driver ID technology

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Fleetclear anti-roll and driver ID solutions sold in the UK

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of assets protected by Fleetclear anti-roll and driver ID technology

  • Anti-roll away with automatic brake application
  • Driver ID with multiple input options (RFID, keypad, covert actuator)
  • Robust CANBUS safety controller
  • Programmable audible warnings for all operators and the public
  • Built-in data logging for up to three years
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • Protects against vehicle roll aways
  • Protects against unauthorised vehicle usage
  • Reliable, purpose built hardware
  • Health status, overrides and other alerts communicated audibly
  • Retrospective deployment data available
  • Supporting UK industry
  • Integrated data logging for up to three years
  • Verbal warning and health status alert messages with internal and external speakers (optional)
  • MOSFET solid state switching (no risk of mechanical wear-out)
  • Brake valve solenoid, seat switch and door switch monitoring
  • Purpose built J1939 CANBUS safety controller
  • CANBUS speed sanity checking (including signal transmission rate, acceleration/deceleration rate and signal presence monitoring)
  • Built-in test mode for daily checks
  • Real-time monitoring via Fleetclear Connect platform

  • As soon as the driver exits the cab the vehicle is immobilised
  • Attempts to drive the vehicle are blocked until the driver is identified using RFID, keypad or covert actuator
Anti-roll away
  • Driver exits the cab without applying park brake
  • Instant verbal warnings internally and externally
  • Park brake automatically applied Optional
Data Analysis
  • A built-in data recorder logs over 50 event types including when the system is deployed.

Connected technology

Anti-Roll & Driver ID activations can be recorded and monitored in real-time via our web-based, safety technology platform: Fleetclear Connect. Fleet Managers can now pro-actively monitor the deployment of safety technology in their fleet, through our intuitive web-based interface, which seamlessly connects and synchronises all of our technologies together, including video and telematics: the ultimate tool for manging fleet safety technology.

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